West Elm Mid Century Bed In Detail

Modern West Elm Mid Century Bed

West elm mid century bed – The exposed beams are part of the traditional architecture found in many French houses. When they are in the bedroom, they are sufficient in themselves to achieve a natural atmosphere and a successful wooden decor. The only thing to master in such a space? The balance between the colors of the rest of the decor and the color of the wood.

Both types of siding often echo other wood surfaces; but that is not obligatory. In fact, one can very well make of its wooden facing a unique accent of the piece. The wooden siding allows games of creativity and flights of the imagination. Of course, one can easily dress one of its walls in simple wooden planks. But it is equally possible to invent various forms and shapes to make this facing a work of art.

Good to know: in general, small pieces do not support a deco wood with wall cladding too provided. Here, we will limit ourselves to classical geometric shapes. To give more volume to the room, we will favor a clear wood essence. Conversely, in the parental suites and in the larger bedrooms, one can opt for a richer wooden siding in detail.