Rustic Log Beds Design Idea

Log Rustic Beds King Size

The simple mention of the rustic word brings images of a log cabin with a warm fire and comfortable furniture. Although the rustic furniture is expected to be located in a certain way, many citizens appreciate the beauty and functionality of a rustic decoration. A rustic log beds is a frame for bed built entirely with trunks that are cut and shaped in a way that fits without nails or screws.

The wooden log bed rustics are warm and a natural addition to any room. Save money by making it on your own with logs. Again, this bed does not need nails or screws, since the trunks are connected with pins. How about the finish? So, the craftsman makes a hole in the end of the side pieces for the rustic log beds frame. Stick a peg in the holes.

Join the headboard on one end of both sides and the base of the bed to the other using the holes made in the legs. Cut eight tables of 2 by 4 (5 by 10 cm) so that they enter from side to side of the frame. Place them across the two evenly spaced sides. Screw them in place. These are the bed tables. Place a mattress on the log bed furniture rustic boards.