Live Edge Wood Countertops In A Very Good Price

Dark Live Edge Wood Countertops

How many laps we give to head when we have to opt for a type of countertop for kitchen! Silestone, marble, granite … or maybe wood? Many are questions we ask ourselves before choosing a material but, without doubt, one of star materials is wood. Very simple: live edge wood countertops are warm, resistant, it combines perfectly with other materials … and for a long time, it is always fashionable.

If you are thinking of installing a wooden countertop in your kitchen, go ahead! You will be delighted with result but before doing it you should know what kind of wood is best for your kitchen. For example, you have solid and very resistant woods, such as oak or beech; and tropical live edge wood countertops –very resistant to moisture- such as jatoba. When choosing finish, you can decant by those with a layer of oil, as they waterproof more and are more resistant to heat than varnished countertops.

There is no doubt that wood is a cheaper material than stone, granite or marble, with which another advantage is that price of a live edge wood countertops is cheaper and if we want to renovate kitchen or just countertop, cost will not be very high. Wood is a material that adapts to any style and helps to create kitchens as special as this. In addition, you will find a wide variety of shades to choose from and combine with rest of furniture.