Ideal Granite Countertop Island

Black Granite Countertop Island

At the time of undertaking a reform in the kitchen there is an element, one in particular, whose choice takes a little more time. Almost more than the cabinets or the tiles. Because you see a lot, because you’ll work on it every day and because you’d better like the material you’ve chosen, if you do not want to hate it in a heartbeat. We speak, of course, of the granite countertop island.

There are many options in the market, but those that accumulate more fans, are: granite countertops, followed by synthetic marble or Silestone, and finally, granite countertop island. Granite is a stone formed by quartz, feldspar and mica. Its solidification in the earth is a slow and natural process. Therefore, it is very resistant and each piece is unique. Hence, granite is one of the preferred materials for kitchen countertops.

In addition, its quality-price-durability ratio is optimal. It is not one of the cheapest materials, but one of the most advantageous. Granite countertop island is a solid stone that resists bumps, stains and high temperatures. In addition, due to the characteristics of its training process, there is a wide range of colors and types of natural veins, which can be worked with different finishes: matte, glossy, polished, smooth and brushed or aged, which has irregularities in the surface and it is satin or matt.