Composite Countertops Ideas

Composite Countertops Kit

Composite countertops – Use recycled paper, together with durable liquid acrylic resin, to create a countertop. You can get the look you want by varying the color, weight, thickness and style of paper. By varying the amount of shredded paper encapsulated in the acrylic resin, the worktop will have a solid glowing color or appearance confetti enclosed in acrylic.


Run the paper through cross-cut document shredders to create confetti. Paint the bench a background color as coordinates with your kitchen interior. Carefully roughen the surface with extra fine steel wool. This will help the acrylic resin better adhere to it. Apply aluminum flashing tape to the perimeter of the composite countertops to keep the resin from dropping over the edge before it cures. Extend the tape at least two inches above the top of the existing countertop.

Scatter the confetti on the composite countertops. Add a small amount for a confetti-specked bench. The color of the background becomes the dominant color in this style. Otherwise stack paper strips to a deep 1/2 inch. This will create a slightly firm-looking countertop with the color of paper strips or confetti creating the dominant color. Pour as much of both components into the liquid acrylic resin in a large disposable container.

Pour the acrylic resin onto the worktop from a height of about 24 inches. Pour it in a slow stream so the striped paper does not wash. To make a confetti style of the countertop, lay a layer of acrylic about 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. For a worktop with up to 1/2 inch of paper strips, pour acrylic resin deep enough to secure paper confetti strips but not thick enough to cover them.